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Playing together has never been so much fun

What is Picoo?

Picoo is an innovative gaming console that combines interactive and traditional play into a completely new experience. Picoo combines the best of both worlds creating games that are active, social and fun.

Interactive technology (such as RFID technology, a mesh network, light, sound, and vibration) enriches the games without distracting from it.

Picoo is specially developed for outdoor play. Being solid and robust, it’s built to take a bash.

Picoo can be used directly out-of-the-box: no installation or WiFi required.

And with picoo being reprogrammable, and new games continuously produced, it provides a constant source of entertainment!


Picoo provides a new, innovative experience allowing children to play actively together using the interactive technology they love.


Picoo games are designed for active play, allowing children to have fun while running about. With Picoo, children want to get up and move.


Picoo games are meant to be played together. Collaborating in teams or trying to be quicker than the others - all our games are social and fun.

Over Picoo

Our most popular games


Find the secret code before time runs out! But who has the code?

Lightning bolt

A bolt of lightning jumps from one player to another. Make sure you’re out before you get hit!


Moles are everywhere, catch them before they’re gone.

Our customers

Picoo is a gamechanger. Indoor playgrounds are usually not innovative but Picoo changes everything. I was immediately convinced when I saw Picoo for the first time. Picoo can be used on the spot without installing any cables, WiFi or other infrastructure. It is an easy add-on for an existing indoor playground.

ELI Play

Picoo is a super fun way to get children moving! Of course, we already organize lots of sports events for our children, but Picoo really adds something extra. We are Picoo fans! And what is very important: Picoo controllers are super robust.

Judith Spoor - 040sportevents

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